Goodbye to our wonderful Intern, Alicia

This summer we have had the pleasure of having Alicia Ortega intern with The Rios Group. Alicia is one of the most impressive 21-year-olds you will ever meet. In addition to interning at TRG, she also interned with the City of Fort Worth in the Mayor’s office. Before she heads back to school in College Station, we asked her a few questions to reflect on this past summer.


What did you learn about Marketing and/or for an Engineering firm while at TRG? 

I learned how marketing for an engineering firm is different and more complex than other brands or services. The differences in marketing a single product versus an entire company and service that involves so many different facts and terminology was interesting for me to learn over my time.

With two internships, what differences did you observe while working with a public entity vs a private entity? Any similarities? 

Working with a public entity that is constantly under the microscope and answer to many people, especially citizens I constantly had to think 5 times over before deciding or posting something. Working with a private entity gave me more freedom to post what works best for The Rios Group and its clients. Both were similar in maintaining a good image, but I felt less pressure and could express more of my ideas and content.

What surprised you most working with the Mayor and Rosa over the summer? 

What surprised me most about working with the Mayor and Rosa is how involved Rosa is with the Fort Worth community. It was a treat when both of my internships were involved with the same event and it allowed me to get a taste of both perspectives. Also, how important it is for local businesses to be involved with our local government and give back to the community. Rosa and the Mayor's great relationship is what allowed both of my internships to be so successful, how they allowed me to participate in all types of events throughout the summer.

What did you discover about yourself this summer?

This sounds cheesy but, this summer I feel like a learned a huge part of my identity and what next steps I want to take with my career. I learned discipline, time management while I worked long hours with both internships and running across Fort Worth for different events. I now understand what motivates me in my career and how excited I am to do something I genuinely enjoy and love. The opportunities and experiences I had this summer were amazing and I will forever be grateful to two groups of amazing people who let me have the best working girl summer ever.