Get to Know Our North Texas Area SUE Field Manager, Craig Miller

Craig Miller has been with The Rios Group for six years and is our North Texas Area SUE Field Manager. He works hard every day to lead our North Texas SUE field team to success. We sat down with Craig and asked him some questions about himself and his experience while working with The Rios Group.


If Craig could describe The Rios Group in one word, it would be “Awesome”. He mentioned that the best aspect of working at The Rios Group is the teamwork. Everyone works hard towards one goal, providing reliable and high-quality services for our clients. But what makes The Rios Group unique? Mr. Miller said it is the President, Rosa Navejar. Rosa cares about each and every employee and makes sure they are taken care of.

We asked Craig what he enjoyed most about leading our North Texas SUE field team and he said he enjoys that there is never a dull moment and each day is always different. When Mr. Miller is not in the Field or in the Office, he enjoys camping and fishing.

For someone just starting in the SUE/UC field Craig gave some advice, “Sometimes it can be overwhelming so don’t get discouraged. There is a lot to learn and people just starting in the business need to understand that they won’t be able to learn it overnight.”


At The Rios Group we offer expert Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Coordination services. We identify potential issues and bring awareness to them so that there are no delays or hefty unplanned costs added to our client’s projects. If you are interested in learning more about working for The Rios Group or would like to join our team, contact Check our LinkedIn page for open positions.