DART, Blue Line Expansion

DART, Blue Line Expansion

Project Specifics

  • Year2010
  • LocationRowlett, Texas
  • SectorRail
Services Provided

- QL "B" SUE

- QL "A" SUE

TRG team members were responsible for providing Quality Level “A” and Quality Level “B” SUE services along the proposed rail alignment starting in Garland and running toward Rowlett. Approximately 63 underground utility crossings were located with 6,800 linear feet of utility designating being provided and an additional 4,500 linear feet of utilities that ran parallel to the new rail being designated. Forty (40) test holes were provided at primary utility locations where existing utility were known to require adjustments and tie-in elevations are typically required. Provided SUE plans with all the designated utilities and all test hole data for each test hole.