Unlike many firms, The Rios Group, Inc. (TRG) specializes in Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Coordination. Our sharp focus allows our team to move faster without compromising the accuracy of our results regardless of project size and scope. Our experienced experts provide services across a broad spectrum of Market Sectors, including Transportation (Roads, Airports and Rail), Electric and Water Transmission, Municipal Streets and Drainage, Water and Waste Water and the development of Hospitals, Universities, Schools and other Facilities. We’re always on call when your project calls for Responsive Reliable Results.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

The Rios Group completes all Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services in accordance with the recommended practices and procedures described in ASCE publication CI/ASCE 38-02 “Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data.” As described in the publication, four levels have been established to describe and depict the quality of subsurface utility information. The four quality levels are as follows:

Quality Level D (QL“D”) – Information obtained from existing utility records.

Quality Level C (QL“C”) – Surveyed data depicting visible above-ground features supplemented with QL“D” information.

Quality Level B (QL“B”) – Two-dimensional horizontal information obtained through the application and interpretation of non-destructive surface geophysical methods. Also known as “designating,” this level incorporates QL“C” and QL “D” information and provides surveyed horizontal positioning of subsurface utilities.

Quality Level A (QL“A”) – Three-dimensional horizontal and vertical information obtained through non-destructive vacuum excavation equipment to expose utilities at critical points. Also known as “locating,” this level incorporates QL“B” information and provides precise horizontal and vertical positioning of subsurface utilities.

TRG offers extensive SUE capabilities, having provided over 9 million linear feet of QL “B” services and over 25,000 QL “A” test holes. TRG owns and operates all of the equipment necessary to provide quality SUE services to our clients, including geophysical designating equipment, ground penetrating radar units, vacuum excavations trucks, coring drills and traffic control equipment.

TRG has provided SUE services on projects for hundreds of public and private clients, including the Texas Department of Transportation, North Texas Tollway Authority, City of Fort Worth, City of Austin, San Antonio Water System, City of San Antonio, Tarrant Regional Water District, City of Dallas, DART, DFW Airport, ABIA Airport, and Harris County. TRG has provided services for 23 of the 25 TxDOT Districts.

Utility Coordination (UC)

The Utility Coordination team at The Rios Group is comprised of former TxDOT employees and former utility owner employees now working as professional Utility Coordinators on numerous projects across the State of Texas. They understand how to effectively communicate and coordinate with utility owners to facilitate the relocation of utilities on roadway projects and other civil infrastructure projects. TRG’s Utility Coordinators have developed strong relationships with major franchise utility owners across Texas by treating utility owners with respect, representing their interests fairly, providing them with information in a timely manner, & being responsive to their needs.

TRG’s Utility Coordinators are experienced in taking a project from start to finish, including, conducting meetings with utility owners for conflict resolution, and maintaining regular communication with utility owners throughout project delivery.

Our team also includes Professional Engineer’s and Utility Coordinators that specialize in utility conflict analysis, preparation of a utility conflict matrix, review of utility adjustment plans and estimates for compliance with state accommodation rules, and development of schedules, special provisions and other required items for inclusion in utility agreement assemblies.

Service Sectors

By specializing in specific Service Sectors, The Rios Group is able to not only deploy our unique expertise on your project but continue to enhance our capabilities and processes to deliver superior results. Our primary focus is on the following categories:

  • Transportation (Roads, Airports, Rail)
  • Electric and Water Transmission
  • Municipal Streets and Drainage
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Hospitals, Universities and Schools and other Facilities