Get to know our Senior Utility Coordinator, Jared Silva

Jared Silva has over 12 years of experience working as a project manager. At TRG he is responsible for utility coordination, preparation of utility agreements, and utility conflict analysis, and has been involved with large, high profile projects throughout the state of Texas. Jared has been with TRG since founded in 2012, so we asked him questions about his experience with TRG and Utility Coordination (UC).


Jared joined The Rios group after a decade of designating utilities for one call tickets with the US Infrastructure Company (USIC). He started at first in Field Management and assisting Project Managers, which eventually led to Project Management and then Utility Coordination. Jared’s most interesting and challenging project was his first major UC project, US 77 in Corpus Christi. The TxDOT project was to upgrade US 77 from a divided highway to an interstate with overpasses. Jared was the Utility Coordinator for the project and conducted meetings, prepared and submitted utility agreements, assisted in utility relocation plan preparation and coordinated between all parties involved. “The project was a Design/Bid/Build project outside of Corpus Christi. Because of the amount of travel, faster pace, and large amount of rain, the project required an extraordinary amount of attention and it was a necessity for me to think on my feet. Overall, we were able to keep the contractor working with no delays caused by utilities” Jared stated.


Eight and a half years later, Jared is still working in the UC field as a Senior Utility Coordinator. His favorite types of projects are larger TxDOT projects. “Large TxDOT projects allow me to use my experience to grow the project from the beginning and to successfully use the Avoid, Minimize, Accommodate approach” says Jared. When Jared is not at the office, he enjoys reading playing pool and riding his motorcycle. Jared also mentioned that his new hobbies, due to the pandemic, are gardening and cooking.


We asked Jared questions about his experience working with TRG. His favorite aspect of working at TRG is the familial atmosphere. Jared mentioned, “I have been able to grow with TRG from the beginning and I have seen us grow as a company and as individuals in every sense of the word.” He described TRG in one word, amazing! Jared stated, “TRG is unique because our diverse backgrounds permit us to bring forward different ideas and solutions.” Jared also told us that the office culture is professional and friendly, supporting each other through tragedies and triumphs, including celebrating birthdays with cake!


For anyone starting in the SUE/UC career field, Jared says, “Start as soon as you can, learn all you can, and you can grow your abilities and achieve your goals.”


At The Rios Group we offer expert Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Coordination services. We identify potential utility issues and bring awareness to them so that there are no delays or hefty unplanned costs added to our client’s projects. If you are interested in learning more about The Rios Group or would like to join our team, contact