Get to know our Administrative Professional, Maria Huizar

April 21st is Administrative Professional’s day and we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight our hard working and talented Administrative Professional, Maria Huizar. Not only does she work in our Fort Worth location, but she also manages administrative tasks for all five of our offices! We sat down with Maria and asked a few questions about herself and working with TRG.

A few interesting facts about Maria are that she did not get into the job market until she was in her mid-forties, she has a 34 year old parrot named Cotorrito and she loves to travel but has not been overseas yet.

Maria’s favorite aspect of working as an Admin is getting to interact with all of our team members in some way. “Whether it’s in our home office in Fort Worth or any of our four other locations, getting to interact with them all makes my job interesting” stated Maria.

She enjoys the family atmosphere at The Rios Group and that everyone gets along and cares about one another. Maria mentioned, “We are a team, and everyone contributes to the success of the company. We also have a leader that we all look up to.”